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The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

There was a mixed response to the roadmap from the events industry and although a sense of hope was tangible, a “not before date” of May 17 for live events drew a clear line in the sand. If the.

The Future of Event Tech - Fearless, Transparent and Confident

Can Event Tech help boost confidence?

Liveforce attended The Meeting Show 2017 in Kensington Olympia this week, taking our place in the “Future of.

Staffing Apps and Software - Backbone of the Gig Economy

Growth in Staffing Apps and Software

The role of technology is to make our lives easier. Streamlining, problem-solving and improving communication.

Ultimate Freelance Video Bio in 10 Steps

Video bio's are increasing in popularity. They can be the most effective way to build rapport with potential clients, establish a relationship with.

Freelancer Life: Living, not Working

Freelance Boom

The dramatic increase in freelancers since the 90’s has been described as an explosion, and one that shows no signs of stopping..

Top 5 Exhibits from International Confex 2017

Liveforce headed to International Confex 2017, Kensington Olympia last week to take our place in the Tech Pavilion as part of Event Tech 17 – an.

The Age of Event Planning Automation

Great events don’t just happen.There’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes, most of which falls on the shoulders of Event Managers, who have a.