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The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

There was a mixed response to the roadmap from the events industry and although a sense of hope was tangible, a “not before date” of May 17 for live events drew a clear line in the sand. If the.

What makes star Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors have somewhat become a social media phenomenon with the rise of Instagram and various other platforms.

Promotional Staff survey and tips to retain top talent

After conducting an internal survey with a number of freelancers who use the Liveforce platform I wanted to share a few of the results.

Experiential Marketing Guide: Avoid These Mistakes

What is Experiential marketing or engagement marketing as it is also known? The marketing strategy that directly includes the engagement of consumers.

Planning a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign: Tips, Guide & Resources

Guerrilla marketing may not be as in-trend as it used to be but the practice can still work and garner positive results. 

17 Event Sponsorship Ideas

So you've sponsored an event. Here are some sponsorship ideas on how you can capitalise on the opportunity to engage more people. 

Promotional Staffing: How to Optimise the Process

Whatever the promotional event is there is always one thing for certain - there's a lot of planning and management to conduct pre, during and.

Pop-Up Events: Everything you Need to Know

In 2015 UK Pop-up events contributed £2.3 billion a year to the economy and employed 26,000 people. Since then, pop-up events have been growing and.

Tips to Hire, Retain and Motivate Promotional Staff

Below, I've broken down the process into finding, interviewing, and retaining promotional staff.

Liveforce Receives 2 Employee Scheduling Software Titles

Booking the best temporary staff for multiple projects is a hard task if done traditionally. According to top-class B2B review website.

Giving Constructive Feedback to Promotional Staff

Good help can be hard to find. But how can you tell if someone is good? Mostly online reviews and rating sites are creating a bridge to ensure.