Author: Mark Walls

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

There was a mixed response to the roadmap from the events industry and although a sense of hope was tangible, a “not before date” of May 17 for live events drew a clear line in the sand. If the.

New and Improved Liveforce Features

Over the last few months we've been cracking the Development whip to bring you a new and improved Liveforce!  

Promotional Staff survey and tips to retain top talent

After conducting an internal survey with a number of freelancers who use the Liveforce platform I wanted to share a few of the results.

Experiential Marketing Guide: Avoid These Mistakes

What is Experiential marketing or engagement marketing as it is also known? The marketing strategy that directly includes the engagement of consumers.

Giving Constructive Feedback to Promotional Staff

Good help can be hard to find. But how can you tell if someone is good? Mostly online reviews and rating sites are creating a bridge to ensure.

8 Reasons to Volunteer At a Festival This Year

When it comes to the festival season there's nothing more exciting than checking out who will be playing and planning your route around to hear your.

A Guide to Finding Festival Work (and attending for free!)

Festival season is coming, it's a major part of the year for many. It's the opportunity to hear your favourite bands, enjoy the outdoors, have a.

4 Common & Easy to Avoid Mistakes When Hiring Promotional Staff

The success of an event is determined by the event staff, the success of the event staff is determined by the hiring process, be it in-house or via.

Brand Ambassadors VS Product Specialists: Which One is Right For Your Promotional Event?

More so than ever has there been the need to have the right event staff representing your brand. As transparency and consumer knowledge increase it.

27 Metrics that Give a Snapshot into the UK Gig Economy

The UK's gig economy has seen incredible growth over the last 5 years, with companies such as Deliveroo and Uber dominating the gig economy world.