Author: Louisa Penny

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

The Event and Promo Staffing Industry loses 50% of its workforce

There was a mixed response to the roadmap from the events industry and although a sense of hope was tangible, a “not before date” of May 17 for live events drew a clear line in the sand. If the.

Is Liveforce the best Event Staffing Software?

We think our product is pretty badass. We’ve spent years developing and listening to our users’ feedback to make sure we’re delivering exactly what.

PPE for Event and Promo Staff

As we all adjust to the new normal we will have to adapt to new measures concerning safety. One of the most unanimous results of our Covid-19.

Covid-19 Training and Resources for Event and Promo Staffing Agencies

One of the most definitive results from our Covid-19 Impact Report was that event and promo staff want Covid-19 training in order to help get them.

55% of Event and Promo Staffing Agencies have 6 months left to survive

The True Impact of Covid-19 on the Event and Promo Staffing Industry

Covid-19 has had an impact on every part of our lives and its lasting effects.

How important is branding for Event Staffing Agencies?

Does an Event Staffing Agency need to think about branding? If so, how much of your budget or time should you spend on it? We spoke to Roberto.

How to choose the right accountant for your Event Staffing Business

We spoke to the incredible Erin Walls, founder of WardWilliams Creative about the importance of picking the right accountant for your Event Staffing.

Furlough and the Events Industry: Part 2

A brief guide to the extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, what it means for the events industry and event staff, and who is eligible for.

How Event Staffing Companies can Prepare for Industry Bounce Back

Despite a heavy blow being dealt to the events industries, and business in general, this moment in time will pass and there will be an up-turn. The.

5 Top Tips for Event Industry Downtime

It seems we have all followed a familiar process during this corona outbreak.